5 lug front hubs coming soon for 240z 260z 280z ! click here to see entire post!

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Coming Soon : 5-Lug Front Hubs for 240z 260z 280z CNC t6061 t5 Aircraft Aluminum

The S30 community has asked us to design 5-lug front hub conversions for the 240z-280z. We have been doing research and development since 2013 and have come up with a winning design:

Our new hubs will be made from T6061 T5 Aluminum precisely cut with CNC machines – its rigid nature and surprisingly light weight properties withhold wear and use. T6061 can also hold very rich color when anodized as opposed to other grades of aluminum.

When it comes to bearings we want to keep it simple and use stock 280z front wheel bearings. Plenty of quality stock bearings are available for the 280z. 240z and 280z front hubs are slightly different in that the 280z hub rotor mounting surface is .337″ thicker towards the center of the car. We modeled our hub to match the 280z’s offset. Stock center caps may also be used with these hubs.

Bolt pattern was by far the most important aspect in our development. Much research was done when deciding the ideal bolt pattern. Our goal was to make choosing wheels and brakes as easy as possible. We decided on a 5”x 114.3” wheel bolt pattern and a 5”x 103” rotor bolt pattern. In order for the new 5” x 114.3” pattern to work with the wheel bolt pattern, we had to change the stock rotor bolt pattern (4” x 103”) which would interfere with our modified design.

Other competitors who make custom 5-lug hubs have used some really funky bolt patterns in the past. We have seen TTT rotor bolt pattern at 5”x 3.85″. There are no brake options for that bolt pattern; any brake package would have to be customized to fit that pattern. Because of this, we have had to make brake kits custom fit to TTT’s 5-lug hubs on two occasions in the past.

FYI: The S30 front hubs have a 4x103MM rotor mounting bolt pattern, and the 300zx front hub has a 5x103MM. So wheel side bolt pattern will be 5″ x 114.3″ and rotor mounting side will be 5x103MM (same patterns as Z31 300zx hubs)

Latest update: We have a prototype 3D drawing. The first actually sample has been made and is currently being tested. We are estimating the final product to be done and available for sale in 3 months time. Here are a few pictures of the first sample.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, questions or requests.


Silver Mine Motors

Productions and Quality Department

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